“Maria demonstrated exceptionally high level skills in all areas of music, especially those of performance, literature and aural perception. In addition, Maria was a member of, and performed in, the Senior Chorale and the school’s Symphony Orchestra, and as a piano soloist. At all times Maria was an enthusiastic and skilled participant who brought her love and enjoyment of music to all rehearsals and performances. Maria is a talented and dedicated young lady who works extremely hard, and I am sure that she will follow all avenues to achieve her musical ambitions.”

Roger Hey, Head of Music, Perth Modern School, 2006

“Her musical talent is aptly present in her history writing. There is unity of idea that pervades a very logical and compelling writing style and a definite empathy for the characters and ideas of History… The epitome of Maria’s musical and personal accomplishments, to me, is Chopin and Friends. Such an original concept carried through to performance presages a formidable future talent. …I know she will make her mark upon the world.”

Margaret Amble, history teacher, 2006

“Maria is a committed and ambitious music student with high aspirations for a professional career. She is widely engaged in music-making as a pianist, organist and composer and has promoted her own recitals.
Maria has a natural keyboard fluency… good performance temperament. …enthusiasm and determination… I wish her every success in her future music endeavours."

Mark Coughlan, concert pianist, 2006

“I was fortunate enough to be at the 2003 concert where Maria raised in excess of $1700 for the foundation, and this extra $ 1500 [from the sale of the Inaugural ‘Chopin & Friends’ CD] is just amazing. At the concert in 2003 Maria was only 15 and I was blown away by her talent and demeanour on stage. She’s done it again, she’s just fantastic… and I’m sure we’ll be reading about her in years to come.”

Wendy Lush, Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation, 2005

“In addition to her music studies, Maria is a very able student who particularly excels in her English literature interest and achievement. As a younger student Maria participated in academic extension activities across the English, mathematics, science and society and environment learning areas. Maria has an open and enquiring mind and readily engages with new information and processes. Teachers at the school enjoyed Maria’s participation, confidence and readiness to question concepts. Maria consistently displays determination to complete tasks to a high level of achievement.

Maria is a self-sufficient young lady who has confidence in her abilities and is determined to achieve her aspirations. She has a quite good humour and is well accepted by her peers. Maria is always well presented and conducts herself in a mature and respectful manner. She collaborates well with peers, and will lead them towards a goal. Maria is diligent, conscientious and able to sustain her commitment over an extended period.”

Dr Robyn White, Principal, Perth Modern School, 2005

Welna’s  Nocturne in E minor

“Your piece has an excellent sense of colour and atmosphere. Your use of the bass register is very effective. Some momentary dabbling away from E minor was tantalising… A good performance style with plenty of flair.”

Mark Coughlan, Adjudicator, 2005

Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata in C major
“A great display of technique and musical expressive playing of this demanding work. The melodic line sang out beautifully. Excellent dynamic contrast.”

Welna’s Nocturne in E minor
“Bravo. Great use of the complete range of the instrument. Great influences.”

Yr 12 TEE Examiner, 2005

Chopin’s Etude Op 10 no 4
“This is bold, confident and strong playing. Excellent attention to detail and dynamic contrast with beautiful phrasing and sense of style. Excellent balance between hands. Bravo, I thoroughly enjoyed your performance.”

Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata in C major
“You demonstrate excellent technique and play with real experience and musical insight. You explore the entire dynamic range of the piano-another manifestation of your confidence and maturity of playing.”
Yr 12 TEE Examiner, 2005

J. S. Bach’s Toccata in C minor
“Its improvisational nature was … well projected and it was handled with technical competence throughout. The texture was well understood.”
Barry Palmer, Adjudicator, 2005

“Wow-amazing performance. The understanding of your playing is astonishing. Runs very well executed. Top pedalling. Brilliant touch.”
W. Dugmore, Examiner, 2004
“Gifted with very proficient technical ability and an outstanding amount of musical sensitivity … A natural performer `who` has the ability to move audiences through her playing whilst also being a great advocate for the musical profession throughout all of her self-initiated endeavours … She is destined to do great things.”

“Maria has shown herself to be one of the most determined, devoted, focused and talented young musicians and performers that I have ever met.”
Svetlana Zenkina, concert pianist, 2006

“On Sunday 30 November 2005 I once again had the privilege of attending another concert recital given by Maria Welna. This time Maria not only played the piano but also the pipe organ at Winthrop hall at the University of WA. It was truly awesome. …I am sure the name Maria Welna will be well known in future music circles. ”

Wendy Lush, Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation, 2006

“Maria’s desire to share her passion for music with people resulted most recently in her own endeavors, such as initiating the ‘Chopin and Friends’ and ‘Bach at St. Brigid’s’ piano and organ recital series…  which attracted very large audiences from the entire metropolitan area. …I was privileged to attend all of these events…
It is worth emphasizing that she decided to have all proceeds both from the ‘Chopin and Friends’ 2003 recital and from the sale of the 2003 CD go to the Children’s Leukemia and Cancer Research Foundation. For her effort she received a letter of congratulation from the former Premier of WA Dr Geoff Gallop and the late Holy Father John Paul II who were both recipients of the ‘Chopin & Friends 2003’ CD.”

Father Tomasz Bujakowski, Director of Scene ’98, 2006

“[The] Chopin and Friends Concert Series [is] a unique venture within the very competitive music scene of Perth in Western Australia.”

“Her piano performances were already comparable to a tertiary level when she was in grade 10.  Her remarkable piano technique is of major benefit for her rapid progress on [the pipe organ]. Her great passion for the organ and its music will, I am confident, see her succeed on this instrument.”
Martin Rein, pipe organist, 2005

“…An outstanding pianist and organist, demonstrated her skills in a wide variety of musical events.  …Self-assured and talented, Maria has displayed reliability and an outstanding level of dedication and focus to her music, ensuring she achieves her goals, as well as providing a good role model. Maria is a friendly and confident student who takes pride in both her work and personal presentation. A caring young lady of fine character, she displays a positive outlook towards all endeavours and always gives of her best.”

Diane Maseyk, School Counsellor, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, 2005

Chopin’s Concerto in E minor, Op 11 no 1
“Your performance of the Chopin Concerto No 1 was amazing. Clearly you have both the talent and passion to thrill audiences for years to come...”
“ outstanding organist...”

Dr J. Shepherd, Principal, St. Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, 2005

Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata in C major, Welna’s Nocturne in E minor
“An impressive performance. Nice contrast in styles and expressive contrasts-well done.”
“An exciting, engaging performance. Well done!”
Kim Harrison, Examiner, 2005

Chopin’s Etude Op 10 no 4

“A strong performance”


Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata in C major

“Played with much confidence and musical understanding.”


Chopin’s  Scherzo in C sharp minor

“A confident, well prepared performance. Expressively played - a mature interpretation of this piece. Excellent musical skills and technical facility.”

Yr 12 TEE Examiner, 2005

Chopin’s  Scherzo in C sharp minor
“Played with a very good sense of style with terrific confidence, contrasts of articulation and dynamics. You exhibit great technical skill, matched by very good control of tone and tempo. Fluent, musical and expressive playing.”

Welna’s  Sonata in G minor op 1
Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata in C major
“Both performances demonstrate a high level of musical maturity and developed piano technique.”
A. Bushell, Examiner, 2005

Welna’s Sonata in G minor
“I liked the balancing here between a contemporary time frame 5/4 and a romantic texture-it works, with enough contrast to maintain interest and enough deliberate structure to give form-without excessive length-good!”

Chopin’s Ballade in A flat
“…obvious technical competence…”

Barry Palmer, Adjudicator, 2004

Maria Welna, a young Australian concert pianist, pipe organist, singer, composer, writer, and Arts advocate (to name a few) always had a clear vision of what her future would be like.  read more



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