"…Maria studied piano performance [as part of] my piano studio in the years 2006-2009, obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in a splendid manner. Maria surprised all who came into contact with her, with the enormity and multi-faceted nature of her talent. In addition to cultivating great love for the piano, …the Academy decided to grant Maria an individual mode of studies as a result of witnessing her drive for development across all instruments and in due recognition of her artistic and academic achievements. This enabled her to study three instruments (major-piano performance with additional emphasis on voice and pipe organ performance) on top of an average of 12 music-related, theoretical and humanities courses per year. …Maria managed to meet all program requirements to first-rate standard, achieving excellent results across all areas of study… Lecturers often praised the quality of her work and the reliability of her work ethic.
…Maria’s artistic persona is typified by emotional sensitivity and a virtuosic temperament, which is apparent in her distinct sense of interpretation/style. Her technique is naturally proficient and of admirable standard, especially in terms of clear articulation, grasp, dynamic scale, stylistic contrast between genres and musical eras. It is heightened by superb aural and sight-reading skills. These qualities or musical ‘virtues’ coupled with Maria’s intelligence, inquisitive mind, extensive knowledge and intellectual predispositions, guarantee further academic development and artistic success. 
…Maria performed a fascinating… ambitious, program at the (graduation) recital… [It] flowed confidently and smoothly… Maria’s performance/interpretation demonstrated the ability to stylistically gradate each work (according to historical need) and mould it into one whole through the use of logical narration and structure (building the musical form of a work). Traits from Maria’s artistic personality (namely emotional feeling and virtuosic flair) were easily discernible in her performance. … [It] garnered an eager and enthusiastic response. 
I am deeply convinced that Maria’s personality, creativity, multi-faceted talents, artistic and academic achievements will ensure further out of the ordinary results within both arts and academia. I warmly wish her all of the best for the future."
Professor Hanna Kryjak

[Maria’s thesis] “…A thesis of this magnitude, worth and inspirational value is a rarity at the Bachelor’s, even Master’s degree level. Maria proved that her recital projects (up until this point) share common characteristics with the spirit of the ‘historical’ recital and as such, her projects are perfectly capable of taking on the role of ‘arts advocacy’ in today’s world."
Professor Hanna Kryjak

“Maria Welna and I worked together … during 2014 and 2015.
I found Maria to be a consummate professional. She is courteous, punctual, polite and an expert in her field. Maria performed her role excellently and was ever reliable and always performed to the highest of standards." 
Revd Smyth

“Your recital on Saturday…  was most enjoyable - in the balance of the program, your playing..."
Desmond Murphy

“Maria’s wonderful music… Very impressive… Clearly, you are an extremely talented young lady…" 
John and Lynn

“…thank you for the great pleasure you have given us during your time with us.”
Neil and Pamela

“I've really enjoyed having you with us and, as you know, your choice of music.”


"Thank you for your beautiful music and every best wishes”


“Bless your heart for your delightful music, beauty and grace. Thank you Maria”
Tracy and Honor

“Thank you so much for your beautiful music"

Jen and Jude
"… Ms Maria Welna… studied pipe organ performance in my organ studio (under my tutelage) in addition to piano performance at the K. Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice during the years 2006-2009.
Ms Welna is gifted with a sizeable amount of sensitivity and musicality, qualities that ensured rapid progress (during the years of collaboration) in pipe organ performance, and a deep interest in performance methodology, technical aspects and stylistic interpretation (in accordance with historical authenticity). Ms Welna’s pianistic background and resulting technical grounding allowed her to reach for ever more difficult and challenging sets of repertoire. In doing so she showed a noteworthy amount of hard work, diligence and care… Ms Welna reacted to and realised all lesson comments/suggestions, skilfully enriching the scope of her artistic expression.
Ms Welna’s interest in pipe organ performance, which is intensified by inborn musicality, diligence and determination, … will enable her to attain the highest level of artistic formation, giving rise to an extensive concert career in the future. I hope that the period of time spent at the.... Academy... was an important stage in Ms Welna’s artistic and personal development, and that it brought her full satisfaction. I wholeheartedly wish her this satisfaction as well as numerous successes in her continued professional music career. “
Professor Ordinarius Julian Gembalski

“It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial on behalf of Maria Welna. I have known her for the duration of her postgraduate study period at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
She has always been an exemplary student and a fine musician who has made an excellent contribution to the musical life of the Conservatorium and she has been active in the wider community… Maria’s sense of reliability, dedication, professionalism and musicality… She is a person of integrity and will make a success with … her career… I would highly commend her..."
Gerard Willems, Associate Professor in Piano

“ She is a first-class researcher with thinking and writing skills of the highest level. ...She is always prepared, prompt, respectful… she has already proven her ability by being accepted to and giving research papers at International Conferences… This is a real feather in her cap and a tribute to her hard work.”

Associate Professor Neal Peres Da Costa

"As Rector … I warmly write this Letter of Appreciation for Maria Welna… [H]er proficiency as a performer was always apparent through her impeccable musicianship. Maria is appreciated by her fellow musicians… who, from her first entrance in, never stopped praising Maria’s musical ability. … This appreciation was in no small part due to the exceptional calibre of Maria’s musical ability. Maria is a person of exemplary character. … She also seeks to know more… and to support others in their musical aptitude. Her exceptional talent served and delighted us…”

Revd Palmer

“Congratulations on your wonderful achievements. I am sure this is only the beginning of a brilliant musical career.”


“Your music is wonderful. Thank you. With all very good wishes for you and your future.” 


“Thank you for your talent, sincerity and hard work” 


“...what a joy it has been to have had you playing for us… !! 
…We would both like to thank you for all that you have contributed to … our community. Our warmest good wishes for your future career!”
Louise and Bruce

“Many thanks Maria for high quality professionalism and warm friendship”


"We’ll miss your wonderful music Maria. Many thanks and every good wish for the future"


Maria Welna, a young Australian concert pianist, pipe organist, singer, composer, writer, and Arts advocate (to name a few) always had a clear vision of what her future would be like.  read more



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